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Apparently I can be a winner too – or so Murdoch’s cacophony of cocaine, coerced advertising executives seem to claim! “This offer ends in 10 days. Call today!”

Blundering Bigfoot Blooper

  How’s those couple of clowns who claim to have found Bigfoot! Jesus. How dumb are they? Any idiot can clearly see it’s really a Wookiee! I mean, how credible are these geese anyway? A copper and a screw. Sure people are going to believe them. …and going by the size of the esky it [...]

Another Bloody Blog is Born.

I kind of stumbled on to this by a spur of the moment accident when organising some alternative hosting for another site and they threw a new free domain name at me. Why a blog? Friends and family seem to be tiring of my relentlessly repeating rants so I thought I may as well share [...]