Spore Spawns Chastised Civilisation

In a move that may well have Microsoft founder Billy Gates rolling over in his philanthropists chair thinking, “Why the fuck didn’t I think of that”, EA Games, the makers of Spore, have sunk to a new all time low in consumer control with their latest draconian, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Not only is the much touted [...]

Binge Drinking

According to The Sydney Morning Herald’s story Shock alcohol warning from nation’s top health body from June 15… “DRINKERS who quench their thirst with four or more middies of beer will be defined as binge drinkers under new national guidelines released next month. The new top limit for safe drinking follows a review by the National Health [...]

There’s Shit Taxes and There’s Shit Taxes

 Our local gumbyment has been in a relentless pursuit to extort money from me for failing to renew a so called “licence”. A “licence” I have never applied for, been tested, inspected or examined for! This so called “licence” is for Approval to Operate an On-Site Waste Management Facility. In other words, a fuckin’ septic tank! What [...]