Experience all of These Amazing Channels FREE* August 25th, 2008 at 5:46 am


fuxtelGot one of those “to The Resident” offers that “put you first, second and third” in the mail the other day.

I don’t know what’s more cheesy, the bemusement that they actually think you’ll believe it or the gall of an ex-Australian plastering plagiarising, paraphernalia, in the name of red, white and blue striped ribbons holding up medallions of gold, silver and bronze all over the show.

Apparently I can be a winner too – or so Murdoch’s cacophony of cocaine, coerced advertising executives seem to claim! “This offer ends in 10 days. Call … today!”

“FREE FREE”, it says, installation and a “FREE” first month on Platinum, Fuxtel’s best package! “Box Office movies at no extra cost” See over for details!

Turning the page and squinting through glasses I’m sure it reads, in a very faint outline surrounding Box Office, Main Event and Adult Only – “Access to: $5.95 per movie.” 

But that’s not all (no, no free steak knives), there’s no fuckin’ indication of what any package is likely to cost you now or in the future and another, you guessed it, “See over for details”!

Getting out the magnifying glass and squinting a bit all I can see is something about “11mth x $37.95 (Get Started)”, nothing about any other packages but a Cancel fee applies and a # (with no reference) Changes to package effective from the start of your next billing cycle.

Let’s hope that’s less than 12 months!!

Fuck you Rupert, and the cuddly, children’s bear name you rode in on! Who’s gunna buy something they don’t know the price of?

I’m wandering what’s more scary – they actually think they can sell this shit or people are so damn silly they fall for it!

Go join the Far Kew Foxtel!

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