Ililtarete Txet Meassgers February 21st, 2009 at 10:04 pm

and notice Tel$tra's unbeatable 3G reception!Waht is it abuot poeple who sned txet masseges and thier blodoy spleling?

I maen, isn’t the whloe piont of comumnication to comumnicate in a mutaully udnerstnadable langauge? I don’t spaek gibberish[1] and nor am I a code braeker who wroks for ASIO so why bohter! 

Poor spleling sklils is no excsue – that’s waht prdeictive txet inupt was invetned for! Are tehy afriad of bieng chraged per charcater (Sol wuold love that one)? Havne’t realised tehy actaully have 160 charcaters per massege to wrok with? Do thier thmubs hurt or tehy’re just too damn lazy? Are tehy too busy drviing, giivng haed or wiipng thier arse? Waht the fcuk is it?

I’m begnining to thnik it’s a ploy by the phone copmanies to get me to txet back “WTF”, so I just igonre them now!

…Far-Kew cahns. Try rinigng instaed!

1. Well, execpt for after a btotle of Wild Trukey in whcih case comumnication wuold be friutless anwyay.

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