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There’s Shit Taxes and There’s Shit Taxes September 2nd, 2008 at 12:06 pm

Shit Taxes

 Our local gumbyment has been in a relentless pursuit to extort money from me for failing to renew a so called “licence”. A “licence” I have never applied for, been tested, inspected or examined for!

This so called “licence” is for Approval to Operate an On-Site Waste Management Facility. In other words, a fuckin’ septic tank! What a load of shit!

I live in a semi-rural area with no water, sewerage, gas, street lighting, kerb and guttering, footpaths or road side drainage. The electrickery supply is known to go down for days at a time. The only services provided by the shire council (local gumbyment) is garbage collection once a week which is billed on top of the already exorbitant general rates.

It’s a licence I don’t have a choice for! Licenses are at the very least, an agreement! I can’t agree not to shit and they can’t deprive me of basic human rights!

…and what’s next. Are they going to charge me for a Hydro Collection Facility licence so I can drink rainwater? Speaking of which, they also charge me a Storm-water levy but, you guessed it, the nearest storm-water drainage system is fuckin’ miles and two hills away in the burbs!

Some may say I’m nitpicking and should just bend over and take it up arse from them but when I purchased this property I paid good money for them to inspect and OK approval of everything. Their inspection, or more like bribe, failed to notice raw sewerage flowing half way down the paddock! I spent a week or more knee deep in shit fixing it! Obviously Inspector No Nose nose Jack Shit or is devoid of at least two of his primary senses. For all they know I could still have the Yellow River flowing from my property because they have never been back to check!

It doesn’t end there. Because of my refusal to renew the so called “shit licence” they issued me with an infringement notice. The Infringement Processing Mob is the ticket/fine/tax collecting arm of the state police. I didn’t pay so now they refuse to let me register my motor vehicles.

What a brainwave fella’s! I don’t pay a tax so you refuse to collect more taxes off me! I’m saving thousands!! 

…and wtf has driving a motor car got to do with crap anyway?

I need to let a load off.

All you official orifices can go join the Far Kew!